Pisces Love Compatibility With Aries

Pisces are sensual and sensitive; Aries are dynamic and passionate. Aries is easily flattered by the affection that a Pisces partner would shower on them. The aggressive Aries lover actually responds to Pisces' imagination and attraction by being romantic and more sensitive than they usually are. For their part, Pisces loves it when the dominant Aries takes over the decision-making, since Pisces love to be taken care of. The trouble comes when stubborn Aries begins to criticize - and that is something that can upset the gentle Pisces. If this aspect can be overcome, the Pisces - Aries equation is a sexy one. This relationship can be a strong one and work, but with effort.

Pisces represents the end of the zodiac cycle and Aries is the beginning - and this is bound to influence the relationship. As long as Pisces appeals to Aries' ego, the going is smooth since Pisces enjoys the rush of energy around the Aries person. But when the aggressive, hotheaded Aries hurts Pisces' sensitivity, it can get hot in there. That said, Pisces could be a calming influence on Aries, while Aries can provide the encouragement to Pisces to move forward and they can make a wonderful team complementary to each other. Both signs are amazingly creative and imaginative and this will help them keep the fire burning, but life demands more than sexual attraction for two people to stay together. Thus, it helps if both find common interests for the relationship to grow. Tact can keep the romance alive and the moon signs of both people concerned are compatible, the Aries-Pisces relationship can be a very fulfilling and long-lasting one.