Pisces Love Compatibility With Aquarius

The good news is that the Pisces - Aquarius relationship can be successful, provided both make an effort. Both signs care for material things and are quite enthusiastic, energetic and creative. Both are creative and flexible. The relationship can be highly sexual as both are very passionate physically.

Now the not so good news - unconventional Aquarius can be quite detached and unemotional while Pisces yearns for emotional support. Pisces wants someone who is steady, dependable and decisive. Aquarius are impulsive, to put it mildly and they are hasty at taking decisions. But in a strange way, Pisces does synchronize with Aquarius, understanding what makes them tick. However, one thing Aquarius hates is clinginess and that is precisely what sensitive Pisces can be.

Aquarians need their space and once Pisces can understand this, this relationship can be great going.

Pisces sees Aquarius as very friendly and intellectual and Aquarius sees Pisces as someone who is great to talk to. The relationship can progress a little slowly since Aquarius is not as emotional as Pisces. In spite of this, both can bring out the creativity in each other. There is the danger of Aquarius wanting to move off at some point, unless Pisces with their understanding and patience can make them stay. Aquarius hates to be tied into any commitment, while Pisces can't wait to get into one.

Once both decide to stay in the relationship, the Pisces-Aquarius equation can be great. Both can motivate each other. Both need to be disciplined and make the effort to understand each other and when they reach a common ground, the relationship can be very fulfilling.