The Importance Of Venus In Love Match Astrology

Learning the placement of Venus in the birth charts of a couple is very important in love match astrology. What does the planet represent and why is it so important?

The Romans called the Goddess of love and beauty as Venus. In Greek she is known as Aphrodite. Venus in your birth chart represents your emotional side, especially in relation to love. Often the Sun and Venus share the same sign as Venus can never be more than 45 degrees away from the sun. If it is in a different sign the romantic side of your sun sign will always be influenced by the pull of Venus.

Venus tells you the kind of person you are attracted to and what others find attractive in you. If Venus is in the First House of Personality then you will be nice looking and people will be attracted to you. An alignment of your Sun and Venus adds charm to your essential nature that automatically makes people want to be near you.

The influence of Venus is felt in all types of relationships. Even in friendships, the planet subtly determines what kind of friendships you like, your expectations and how you communicate with friends.

The position of Venus is vital in love match astrology. The placement of Venus in a man's chart ascertains the kind of woman that attracts him. Venus in a woman's chart denotes her idea and expression of femininity. Apart from the sun sign, Venus determines whether the relation will be full of friction or harmony. It tells you what kind of pace you prefer in your romance and how you flirt. It ascertains whether you like stability or unpredictability, whether you start a relationship slowly or jump into it.

If both Venuses are in harmony, you and your partner will probably have the same ideas of fun and what constitutes a good time. You will want to share all the pleasures that life has to offer together. But if your Venuses are in conflict, you will feel the slight touch of discord even though your sun signs may be compatible.

When you and your partner have Venus in the same element, it is assured that you two will get along better than usual. In the masculine signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, the influence of Venus adds more drama to love relationships. There are sparks and flames and no one can call the relationship boring. In the feminine signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Venus ensures that relationships are smooth and more harmonious as these signs prefer to avoid conflict.

According to love match astrology, when two people with harmonious Venuses get married, they have a relationship that is not just based on sex, but also love. They are friends as well as lovers which is the basis for a long term relationship. Venus indicates how you demonstrate values like loyalty, commitment and honesty.