Love Horoscopes For Women - Foretelling What Men Want

Falling in love is one of the most joyous moments of life. But recovering from love, if the relationship breaks, can be quite a torture. It is like heavy drinking that gives you a heady feel of confidence and excitement while the effect of the drink lasts. But when it is over, what remains is the irksome headache of a hangover. Perhaps this is a natural cycle of the phenomenon called love. What can you do then to avoid a breakup and have a long-lasting relationship? Horoscopes can be a great help for selecting your partner and possibly avoiding break-up blues. After all love, just like the case of horoscopes and astrology, has no place for logic.

You do not need to search for astrologers in the neighborhood for foretelling the future of your new relationship. Today, computers and the internet are equipped with astrological software packages that can provide various answers to your love-related questions. One can find plenty of astrological methods for help to solve their love problems. The most popular kind of checking is what is known as love compatibility. It figures out the odds of success in a relationship between a man and a woman based on their zodiac signs. Also, separate love horoscopes for women and men are available for more help.

Types Of Love Horoscopes

The whole system of astrology and horoscopes works according to the planetary position and the solar and lunar activity. Although there are noticeable differences between the systems used in the west and the east, the basic functional principle remains firmly bonded to motion of the faraway stars and orbiting planets and their influence on our lives. The western system of zodiac signs is the most popular and familiar system. It assigns a particular zodiac sign to human beings based on the date of birth. There are 12 zodiac signs. The effect of each sign lasts for a period, mostly an average of 30 days. If the date of birth of a person falls in that period, then he or she belongs to that particular zodiac sign group. The astrological test results for love compatibility and the love horoscopes for women and men are charted out based on the zodiac sign classification of the man and the woman.

There are several astrological systems practiced in Asia, mainly in countries such as China and India. The Chinese system is somewhat similar to the western system. Instead of zodiac signs, the Chinese have 12 animals representing each group. But, there are differences between the systems in various aspects.

The Indian system makes the predictions based on the time of birth. It is more dependent on the alignment of the planets than the positions of the sun and the moon. So in India, the love compatibility results and the love horoscopes of women and men are created based on the time of birth of the man and the woman.

A woman can find out whether a particular man is astrologically suited for a relationship from the love horoscopes for women. Even those women who are not looking for a relationship right now can check on what sort of a man is ideal for them. Women who already have a partner can find ways to make the relationship stronger and lasting, if they know the astrological traits of their man.