Love Compatibility Tests: Search Engines For Love

There is a very popular saying that marriages are made in heaven, which can be interpreted in many ways. According to the various astrological systems of the world, the sun, the moon, and the planets have a substantial influence on any relationship, be it a marriage or a romantic liaison. As a result, one can foretell whether a particular relationship is ideal or not. This type of checking for chances of success of romantic relationships based on astrology is popularly known as the love compatibility test.

One can carry out these tests, through the internet, in almost all major astrology systems of the world, including the western system that deals in zodiac signs, the Chinese system that uses animal signs similar to zodiac signs, and the Indian system which is based on the movement of the planets.

Types Of Love Compatibility Tests

There are several types of software packages for love compatibility tests available on the internet. The simplest ones depend only on the zodiac signs. You provide the dates of birth of yourself and your prospective partner and the software application will calculate the love compatibility based on the character traits of each person on the basis of the respective zodiac sign. But several experts are of the view that these results may tend to become inaccurate as there are several other factors that influence a relationship.

Venus signs, if taken into account along with zodiac signs, are believed to provide better results. The problem with zodiac signs is that they tend to do a sweeping generalization. Adding the position of Venus into the zodiac sign mix will create several permutations and combinations. More importantly, it creates more numbers of character groups. So, in this way, love compatibility can be measured in a better way than by using zodiac signs alone.

Another option is to check the compatibility with moon signs. Lunar signs are more complex and abstract than the solar counterparts. But for astrologers, they provide an effective way to spot the kinds of attractive forces between the prospective couple and to measure the positive energy between the two.

If the above-mentioned methods are distinctly western, there are some oriental methods for testing love compatibility. The Chinese and the Indian astrology are prominent among these. The Chinese astrology has some similarities with the western system. But instead of zodiac signs, it assigns a particular animal for people born during a certain time period. Each sign has a pre-defined set of character traits. From these traits, the chances of success for a relationship between two individuals can be found out.

The Indian system of astrology is based on the alignment of planets at the exact time of a person's birth. Horoscopes are drafted based upon the time of birth. It is a common practice in India, particularly among the Hindu community, to match the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom before fixing the marriage. There are several astrology software packages based on Indian astrology that provide horoscopes and other details. One has to provide the exact time of birth of both the man and the woman for finding the degree of love compatibility of the two.