Taurus - The Bull (April 20- May 20)

Birth Stone: Emerald
Metal: Copper
Color: Powder Blue
Power Stone: Rose Quartz
Ruling Planet: Venus
Flower: Violet

Taurus is an earth sign. Taureans are known to be stubborn by nature. They can be easily won over by emotion. They are practical, balanced, determined, conservative, peace lovers, strong willed and loyal to the people they trust. They try to maintain their financial security as they have a sense of material and physical possessions. They are highly dependable, prudent and remain firm and steady even in a plethora of difficult situations. They have a love for luxuries, comfort and good things in life.

They are very faithful and generous with friends but have very limited and selective friends. On the whole, they are gentle, good natured, balanced and modest and show minimal anger to people and friends. If triggered they can explode into anger losing all self control. They occasionally have a good sense of humor. They are opportunists and absorb and execute ideas which come to their notice.


  • Have good ability to concentrate
  • Are very dependable and ready to extend help to people
  • Always aim to complete work
  • Are honest and straightforward and can be trusted completely
  • Are very cautious and avoid unnecessary risks


  • Quite stubborn and have a mind of their own
  • Dislike criticism
  • Find it difficult to trust others and are quite suspicious
  • Have fear of getting deceived and cheated
  • Find it hard to forget or forgive

Compatibilities With Other Signs

  • Overall Compatibility - Virgo, Capricorn
  • Overall Incompatibility - Leo, Aquarius
  • Career help by - Aquarius
  • Financial help by - Gemini
  • Emotional support by - Leo
  • Best for marriage/ partnerships - Scorpio

Taurus likes to be pampered and loved. They can even get possessive on their partner and believe that love and sex go hand in hand. They prefer long lasting relationships and do not believe in nonsense approach. They will go to any extent to keep their partner content and happy.