Sagittarius - The Archer(November 22 - December 21)

Birth Stone: Zircon
Color: Royal Purple
Metal: Tin
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Power Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Flower: Climbing Flowers

Sagittarius is a fire sign. They have a positive outlook in life and are full of energy, adventure and versatility. They are optimistic and ambitious by nature and enjoy exploring and traveling to experience a broader and newer vision of thought and ideas. They can overcome any disappointments and pitfalls and are loyal, honest, trustworthy and just to all around them. You will find them religious and modest with an overemphasis on ethics and moral values.

Sagittarians are equipped with foresight, judgment and can have witty conversations with others. They love new projects, and they use their intuition to adapt themselves to different people and surroundings. They are good at organizing and have the ability to complete the project that they undertake.


  • Sagittarians are honest, open, broadminded and straightforward
  • They are admired and respected by all
  • They trust others easily and expect others to trust them as well
  • They are fun and easy to be with and have a good sense of humor
  • They are dependable and are popular among friends and family
  • They are imaginative yet practical


  • They are restless and often take silly risks while never learning from them
  • They often have poor finance management and never live up to their promises
  • They are quite undisciplined and waste a lot of energy

Compatibility With Other Signs

  • Overall compatibility - Aries, Leo
  • Incompatibility - Virgo, Pisces
  • Career help by - Virgo
  • Financial help by - Capricorn
  • Emotional support by - Pisces
  • Best for marriage and partnerships - Gemini
Love And Relationship

Sagittarians love new forms of expression and challenges which excite them. Their partner should be steady, strong, independent and understanding. They are prepared to experiment with new ways of lovemaking to make their relationship fun and exciting. Honesty is the key to the success of a Sagittarian.