Leo - The Lion (July 23- August 22)

Birth Stone: Peridot
Color: Gold
Metal: Gold
Ruling Planet: Sun
Power Stone: Rock Crystal
Flower: Sunflower

Leo is a fire sign. Leo denotes a powerful personality and is a born leader. They are idealistic and ambitious. They are dominant, extrovert, courageous, strong willed, independent and self controlled. They know exactly what they need from life and use all their creativeness and energies to get it. They think and act bigger than what others imagine and attack a problem right down to its root. Leos are impulsive, generous and follow their intuition.


  • They make good leaders, administrators and organizers and are quite popular in a group
  • Quite generous most of the time and are happy by making others feel happy and content
  • Leos are quite hospitable and like to entertain or have people over
  • They direct their energies and intellect towards their goals and attain it with a lot of confidence


  • Leos can be arrogant at times and feel that only they deserve to be the leader
  • They have a lot of pride and this can make them unpopular among many people
  • They can be self centered and pay very little attention to other's feelings and ideas

Compatibility With The Other Signs

  • Overall compatibility - Aries, Sagittarius
  • Incompatibility - Taurus, Scorpio
  • Career help by - Taurus
  • Financial help by - Virgo
  • Emotional help by - Scorpio
  • Best for marriage and partnerships - Aquarius

They are faithful lovers and are quite hot and passionate. They love to have lot of fun emanating from their own ideas and fantasies. They refuse to see and admit to their mistakes and are forever optimistic. They are generous, warm and can be a wonderful partner. They have a strong sex drive and can be quite attracted to the partner.


Leos are quite open, genuine, sincere and trusting in a relationship. They can have different affairs for pleasure and love which can fail the marriage. They are, however, loyal to their partners as long as the love lasts between them.