Capricorn - The Goat (December 22 - January 19)

Birth Stone: Garnet
Color: Earth color
Metal: Silver
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Power Stone: Onyx
Flower: Geranium

Capricorn is an earth sign. They are scholarly, intellectual, philosophers, organizers and deep thinkers and are very practical in life. They quickly recover from moodiness and get on with life. They are usually calm, strong willed, hardworking, cautious, unemotional, shrewd and deliberate in their method and action.

They are one of the most stable and serious zodiac signs. They are determined people reaching the goals that they have set and strive for perfection. They are economical and are able to achieve their efforts in the easiest and cheapest way possible. They may not be very pleasant at work as they are a little reserved, conservative, and have little or no humor. They cannot hide their emotions and unhappiness if they fail in their personal efforts. Capricorns think deeply and profoundly and have a quest for knowledge and information. They have good concentration, and are logical and rational in their conversations.


  • People under this sign are quite stable and patient.
  • They are practical, reliable, honest and serious about their work.
  • They are quite ambitious, hard working and know what they want out of life.
  • They are good at business and know the value of money.
  • They are diligent and use their ability to concentrate in every detailed work.
  • They believe in charity, are self reliant, trust worthy and loyal to their friends and family.


  • They can be bad critics of others which can earn them bad reputation.
  • Think highly about themselves.
  • They can a little greedy and exaggerate about their possessions of material things.
  • They think that they have the best judgment for everyone and try and correct people whenever possible.

Compatibility With Other Signs

  • Overall compatibility - Virgo, Taurus
  • Incompatibility - Aries, Libra
  • Career help by - Libra
  • Financial help by - Aquarius
  • Emotional support by - Aries
  • Best for marriage and partnerships - Cancer

They can be slow in love but can explode once they get it going and can have long lasting relationships. They are enthusiastic and adventurous when ignited and partners can get overwhelmed by their fire of passion. They strive for a good home life and loyalty in marriage and relationship.