Cancer - The Crab (June 21- July 22)

Birth Stone: Ruby
Color: Silver
Metal: Silver
Ruling Planet: Moon
Power Stone: Sodalith
Flower: Lily of the Valley

Cancer is a water sign. Cancer can range from being a timid, shy person to being the most brilliant and charming person. A Cancer person is usually conservative with needs of basic and secured living. They can appear to be unemotional, energetic, shrewd, uncompromising person but are actually quite sympathetic and sensitive to people and their needs. They love to be in the fantasy world and imagine their lives to fit into one such world. They have a retentive memory which will arouse memories and events of the past and make them relive those feelings.

Cancerians can be untidy, moody, and lean toward self pity due to their inferiority complex. They crib and brood over insults mostly imagined and also get bowled over easily. They get affected by arguments and criticisms and often confine themselves into their shells. They are highly conservative yet enjoy entertainment and social life.


  • Cancerians are kind and gentle at heart and do not intentionally hurt anyone
  • They are concerned about people around them and about their well being
  • Cancer knows the art of being patient
  • They stick to a job till the end if they find themselves comfortable with it
  • Cancer enjoys being at home and in familiar surroundings. Family means a lot to them
  • They are loyal and faithful


  • Cancerians are not strong enough to face life and its problems
  • They can be quite timid and shy
  • They can lack initiative and may not have ambition

Compatibility With The Other Signs

  • Overall compatibility - Scorpio and Pisces
  • Incompatibility - Aries, Libra
  • Career help by - Aries
  • Financial help by - Leo
  • Emotional help by - Libra
  • Best for marriage and partnerships - Capricorn
  • They prefer to have long courtship days. When in love they become devoted lovers and can be quite sympathetic and helpful
  • They love to be pampered and seduced
  • They are poetic and romantic and also sensual
  • They are protective and also possessive