Aries - The Ram (March 21 to April 19)

Birth Stone: Diamond
Color: Scarlet
Metal: Iron
Ruling Planet: Mars
Flower: Rose
Power Stone: Red Jasper

Aries is a fire sign. Aries is energetic, ambitious, adventurous, enthusiastic, impulsive, creative and highly adaptive. They are very open to new ideas and challenges and are always goal oriented. They can lose patience if they do not see quick results. They are short tempered but also calm down quickly. They have a natural sense of humor and enjoy entertainment and music. They are egoistic and impulsive by nature and are never afraid of taking chances and challenges. Even if they fail they take pride on their initiative to have at last tried.


  • They are strong and enthusiastic and have quick and active mind
  • Arians look forward to new goals and challenges and do not get discouraged by setbacks
  • hey like to be goal focused
  • They inspire others by their strong personality
  • Arians have immense energy


  • They are not tactful in communication
  • They like to do things quickly and can get nervous if work remains unfinished
  • Arians can be blunt, outspoken and sometimes sharp-tongued

Compatibilities With Other Signs-

  • Overall compatibility- Leo, Sagittarius
  • Overall incompatibility- Cancer, Capricorn
  • Gets emotional support from- Cancer
  • Gets help with career from- Capricorn
  • Get financial help- Taurus
  • Best for marriage or partnerships- Libra

Arian can be charming and seductive and can be difficult to resist by their partner. Their energies have to be directed properly. They motivate and lead the way for their partner. They are adventurous and enthusiastic lovers who like to try to reach different levels in sexual pleasure.


Aries are demanding and passionate but require their partner to ignite them. They can be loyal but also self centered and need to have their space at times. They can exhibit temper which can be handled if they are well understood. They need a partner in a relationship who will always burn the fire in them. If the fire dies down they will not hesitate to move on.