Libra Love Compatibility With Virgo

A relationship between Libra and Virgo can be compared to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. These two are very good for each other and have a lot in common. They both love beauty and culture and all forms of art. They look for security and are efficient in their work. They are both practical.

Libra likes the Virgo sense of order and Virgo likes the Libran sense of tact and diplomacy. They like to look at different aspects of a problem and come to a solution only after examining all the facts. Mercury ruled Virgo is a communicator. These two will often have long conversations and heated debates. Since they both like balance and harmony in their lives, they will have few problems.

Libra and Virgo might often be seen as snobs. Additionally, Venus ruled Libra can be lazy. Sometimes they may have problems understanding each other. The Virgo need for preciseness can get on Libra's nerves. The Libran manipulation and indecision can irritate Virgo. To get over these problems, they must be tolerant and willing to compromise.

On the brighter side, these two will not have control issues. Virgo is a Mutable sign while Libra is a Cardinal sign. This means Virgo is quite easy-going about Libra taking the reins of the relationship. Libra's gentleness will ensure that the control never turns into domination. If they can overcome the other problems they might have, Libra and Virgo could have the perfect love relationship.