Libra Love Compatibility With Taurus

A relationship between Libra and Taurus is a match made in heaven. They share many similarities and their union is often considered to be the very best karma two people could have!

Both signs share the ruling planet Venus. This means they both love the arts, beauty and romance. They love the courting ritual, are charming and treasure peace and harmony. They understand each other and get along very well. Taurus, being an Earth sign is practical and Libra, being an Air sign is intellectual. The Libran can teach the Taurean how to see things from different perspectives and the Bull can teach the Libran how to overcome their indecisiveness.

However, problems can occur if Taurus thinks Libra is being flirtatious and vain. Libra can get irritated by the Taurean possessiveness. The influence of Venus could also make both signs lazy and snobbish. The Libran indecisiveness could also irritate the Taurean while the stubbornness of the Bull could get on Libra's nerves.

To overcome these potential problems, both signs must learn to respect the other's view of life and the world. Taureans must learn to control their stubbornness and realize that their way might not necessarily be the only way. Librans must learn to tone down their vanity and flirtatiousness to keep Taurus from becoming too possessive and jealous.

Romance and harmony are the foundations of this love affair. If Libra and Taurus learn to deal with their problems, they will find that theirs is a worthwhile relationship.