Libra Love Compatibility With Scorpio

A love relationship between Libra and Scorpio is passionate and emotionally satisfying. Libra helps Scorpio remain balanced when the Scorpion mood swings threaten. Scorpio helps the indecisive Libran get focus and perspective. Both signs share a desire for intimacy and emotional security in a relationship.

The Libra-Scorpio union is a combination of intellect and power. They make an unbeatable duo. They love to take risks and never get bored with each other. Charm is another thing they have in common. The Scorpion charm is intense and magnetic while Libran charm is more open and upfront. They will enjoy the wooing and seduction that plays an important role in the mating ritual.

Neither of the signs like open confrontation. Venus ruled Libra values peace above everything and will often back down in an argument. Scorpio prefers planning and plotting revenge rather than fighting openly.

Libra and Scorpio could have problems in communication because their styles are so different. The indecisiveness and dependence of Libra could drive Scorpio up the wall. On the other hand, the infamous Scorpio trait of neither forgiving nor forgetting might be too much for the gentle Libran.

If these two can get over their problems, they will find that they are good for each other. Libra is imaginative and often comes up with interesting ideas while Scorpio is the one who puts these ideas into practice. They will be loyal and dependable with each other as these qualities are important to both of them.