Libra Love Compatibility With Pisces

A love affair between Libra and Pisces has potential. They have a few similarities and can teach each other a lot. Both signs are prone to indecisiveness. They try to work in different directions at the same time and end up totally confused. They also have a love for truth and beauty.

The balanced Libran can help the lost-in-fantasy Piscean keep grounded to reality. Pisces can help the intellectual Libran have more empathy. Since both signs are ruled by feminine planets, they are quite compatible. Libra is ruled by Venus while Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Another advantage in this relationship is that both signs dislike conflict of any kind. If they do fight, they are able to forgive and forget very quickly.

One of problems in this union could be the Libran urge to emotionally manipulate Pisces. Another problem is that both signs are so indecisive they find it difficult to move forward, in their relationship or projects that they undertake together. Both Libra and Pisces must keep the lines of communication open to overcome any problems they might face.

Libra, being a Cardinal sign, needs to be in control of any relationship. Pisces, being a Mutable sign, is quite happy to let Libra take control. Since the Fish is not very egoistic, there are no problems if Libra is in the spotlight for work they have both done.

All in all, the Libra-Pisces love relationship can work because they both have common emotional needs.