Libra Love Compatibility With Libra

A Libra-Libra love relationship is one of the best unions that can be found. They love harmony in their relationship. They also share a love for art, beauty and culture. The home of a Libran couple will be like a beautiful art gallery. Libra is a sign of partnership. They love to be in love and this makes their relationship a magical one.

They hardly fight because they both hate conflict. One partner will always back out in an argument. Since Libra is an Air sign, intellectual pursuits are very important to them. They enjoy debating and having long conversations. They love going to the theatre and cultural shows. They are polite and diplomatic. In fights with each other, they will always try to be fair and balanced.

Since Libra is a Cardinal sign, they start projects together and are good at motivating others. The downside is that they have trouble finishing projects they have started. But once they have their minds set on something, the two of them will see it through. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. This means they love beauty and pleasure in all forms. But the influence of Venus could also lead them to laziness and intellectual snobbery. They also have to be careful that all the good living doesn't ruin their health.

On the whole, a Libra-Libra relationship has a solid foundation in the form of the mutual trust and respect they have for each other. They share many similarities and understand each other's deepest needs and desires.