Libra Love Compatibility With Leo

Libra and Leo make a good couple. They understand each other and there is a sense of balance in this relationship. Leo is energetic and direct while Libra is reserved and peace loving. They recognize and appreciate each other's positive qualities.

Flamboyance is a word used most often to describe the Lion. The Libran charm and serenity can tame some of the Leo flamboyance. The Lion, on the other hand, can teach the Libran to be more decisive and spontaneous. Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, a masculine energy and Libra is ruled by Venus, a feminine energy, these two will have no problems in the bedroom. The relationship will be romantic and passionate.

Libra is an Air sign while Leo is a Fire sign. This means that they usually work very well together. With them, anything is possible! Their interests are wide-ranging and boredom will never be a problem.

What might be a problem is the need that both have for control. Libra is a Cardinal sign while Leo is a Fixed sign. With an innate sense for peace and harmony, Libra might have to compromise more often. The Lion must learn to be a little less egocentric and a little more accommodating.

If Leo and Libra can take into consideration each other's feelings, they have a good chance of having a successful relationship. The union of Venus and the Sun make this partnership very compatible.