Libra Love Compatibility With Cancer

When Libra and Cancer start a love relationship it is a union of soul mates. These two have a lot in common and seem to balance each other. They both share a love for beauty and a need for emotional security. Cancer likes Libra's tact and diplomacy while Libra likes Cancer's instinct for nurturing. Intellectual Libra can show the emotional Crab how to see things from a different perspective. The Crab can teach indecisive Libra how to make decisions that do not necessarily have to be based on intellect alone.

The Moon, representing emotion rules Cancer and Venus, representing Love, rules Libra. This relationship is bound by a mutual love for romance, family and home. They both prefer peace and harmony over fights. The Libran sense of tact and diplomacy can often smooth over the moodiness of the Crab.

Being an Air sign, Libra can sometimes find it difficult to understand Cancer, a Water sign. Cancerians are very sensitive and can be easily hurt by Libra's intellectual snobbery. The way they view the world is completely different. Libra goes through life intellectually while Cancer goes through life emotionally. For the relationship to work they must learn to accept each other's different views.

Control could be an issue in this union. Libra and Cancer are both Cardinal signs. When their ideas differ, there could be problems. The only way to deal with this is to learn the fine art of compromise. If Libra and Cancer can overcome their problems, their relationship will be one that is warm and secure.