Libra Love Compatibility With Aquarius

A love relationship between Libra and Aquarius has a high likelihood of success. Both signs share many similarities. They love the arts, culture and beauty. They value their independence. They are energetic and enthusiastic which ensures that the relationship will never be boring.

Libra and Aquarius are both progressive thinkers. The difference is that Libra's love for intellectual freedom can come into conflict with the need for harmony. This is what creates the famous Libran indecisiveness. The Water Bearer can help Libra with decision making. Libra, on the other hand, can give Aquarius support when the Water Bearer's ideals are crushed by reality.

When these two signs get together, they can make change happen. They are socially aware and have a strong sense of justice. Being Air signs, they love to communicate. They normally have stimulating discussions and conversations that can go on long into the night.

Libra is a Cardinal sign while Aquarius is a Fixed sign. Libra is good at coming up with ideas but bad at following them through. The Water Bearer is very good at completing projects. They work well together and never have any ego hassles. They usually don't fight over who gets the credit for work done or who takes the spotlight.

With the wide variety of interests that Libra and Aquarius have, this relationship is always going to be exciting. Their common needs and values form a very strong foundation for a successful long-term love relationship.