Leo Love Compatibility With Virgo

Leo and Virgo are very different by nature, hence when a friendship forms between them initially it may have some ups and downs. A Leo is too much in love with him self and also always asserts as the boss, something which Virgo may find too dominating. Virgo, on the other hand, has a very critical nature and weighs the pros and cons of everything. This might irritate Leo as he is very fun loving and spontaneous by nature. As a result, both might feel that they have nothing to gain from the friendship.

But as they grow in the relationship and look at the other's positive aspects each will realize the benefits of such a friendship. Under Leo's influence Virgo will become more relaxed, fun loving and also spontaneous. On the other hand, Virgo will teach Leo to become more sensitive to other's needs and also handle a job seriously.

In the area of love and marriage, Leo and Virgo initially come across as a couple with very different interests. However, over time they influence each other for the better and both partners benefit from such a combination. While Virgo learns fun, frolic and spontaneity from Leo, the latter learns to be more sensitive to the other's needs apart from his own. Also Virgo learns to view the world less critically. This makes him a more 'feeling' person.

Both partners are very determined about their own views and here they need to relent and be more sensitive to each other's views and opinions. Otherwise their relationship is a steady one and allows room to both partners to learn and grow in each other's company.