Leo Love Compatibility With Taurus

Both Leo and Taurus have many common characteristics, so a friendship between these two signs is quite good. Leo likes pampering and receiving compliments. Similarly Taurus too likes to be admired and feel loved. Since both have the need for love, affection and admiration they also generously shower the same. This makes their relationship easy as both make the other feel needed and important.

However, both Leo and Taurus are fixed signs and are therefore very determined. So if there is any difference in opinion both tend to hold on to their own viewpoint and are unwilling to relent. This can cause a lot of unnecessary tension in the relationship. To have a healthy relationship, both need to overcome this stubbornness. They should listen and understand each other's opinion and reach a balance.

In the area of love and marriage, Leo and Taurus make a wonderful pair. Since both naturally tend to shower praises and compliments on each other the feeling of being loved is always there. Leo is ruled by the Sun which gives importance to self while Taurus is ruled by Venus which is concerned with love and money. Since self, love and money do not contradict each other; these two signs make a pair which has common interests.

Both love luxury, material possessions, gifts and extravaganza. However, there can be an innate problem in their relationship because their individual viewpoints. This can lead to unnecessary arguments and tension. Both need to give in a bit to help smooth out such problems. Otherwise, both signs are loyal and fiercely possessive which results in a long lasting relationship between them.