Leo Love Compatibility With Scorpio

Both Leo and Scorpio have very powerful personalities and their friendship is a dynamic and lively one. Leo likes to be appreciated and made to feel important. Similarly, Scorpio also enjoys attention and admiration. As a result, both signs understand each other's needs and know how to fulfill them.

Both are very determined regarding their individual preferences and opinions. In this area both need to relent and give importance to the other partner's views also. This prevents unnecessary tension in the friendship. Both friends are very energetic and dedicated to their work at hand. Due to this they enjoy working on a project together and give good results. Overall this combination is very stimulating as they are equal partners.

In the area of love and marriage, Leo and Scorpio make a very dynamic pair as both are very strong personalities. Both are full of energy and enjoy each other's companionship. Just as Leo likes its ego to be stroked, Scorpio also enjoys attention and respect. This is a common trait in both the signs and makes it easier for both the partners to fulfill each other's emotional needs.

However, both are leaders in their own way and are very determined regarding their own ideas and viewpoints. To make their marriage successful, both should learn to respect the other's opinion so that they have equality in the relationship. Otherwise this combination is quite enjoyable and intense. Both are very dedicated, committed and also possessive once they are sure that the other partner is the right person for them.