Leo Love Compatibility With Sagittarius

Both Leo and Sagittarius are powerful signs and this makes their friendship a very dynamic one. Both are full of energy and love each other's company. Leo is ruled by the Sun and due to this it gives maximum emphasis to self. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is ruled by Jupiter and this makes it philosophical and concerned about the world at large. Any project undertaken by these two has very good results due to their individual approaches in life.

However, both partners are equally headstrong about their own views and ideas and this may lead to unnecessary arguments between the two. However, neither holds any grudge for too long and quickly reverts to their thick friendship. Both partners benefit personally from this friendship. While Leo teaches Sagittarius to become more fun loving and spontaneous, Sagittarius teaches Leo to become more sensitive to the rest of the world.

In the area of love and marriage, these two signs make a wonderful couple. Both partners stimulate and encourage each other to achieve their best. Leo is more concerned about its own ego while Sagittarius has larger interests in mind which have a bearing on the world. By becoming a pair, both partners benefit from this relationship as each one's individual approach in life gets rubbed on to the other. So while Leo becomes more sensitive to others, Sagittarius becomes more fun loving and spontaneous.

However, both are very strong characters and have very fixed opinions and views. This may lead to heated arguments but none remember them for long and carry on with their relationship with renewed passion and intensity. Once both partners realize that they are made for each other, they admire and respect each other for a lifetime.