Leo Love Compatibility With Libra

Leo and Libra have natures which are opposite but complimentary to each other so their friendship is beneficial to both. Leo is highly energetic while Libra is balanced. While Leo enjoys flamboyance Libra is more subtle by nature. Both partners have a positive influence on each other which makes them grow as friends and also as individuals.

Leo is ruled by the Sun due to which it is more concerned about itself whereas Libra is ruled by planet Venus due to which it gives importance to the finer things in life. Through their friendship Leo learns the sensitivity and finer qualities of Libra while from Leo, Libra learns to enjoy life and be spontaneous in action. Their friendship helps both to improve as persons and also to realize their individual goals.

In the area of love and marriage, Leo and Libra make a wonderful combination. Both partners benefit positively from such an alliance as their nature compliments each other's. While Leo is flamboyant and overt, Libra is quieter and of balanced type. Through this match, Leo learns to be more sensitive and also develops the finer qualities of Libra. On the other hand, Libra learns to take life less seriously and enjoy himself.

While Leo is very determined and stubborn, Libra is more adjustable. Leo enjoys being the boss and Libra does not mind being the follower. This prevents unnecessary arguments and tension. Leo also encourages Libra to complete whatever task it has at hand while Libra teaches Leo to handle its own tasks in a balanced manner. The best part of such a combination is that both the partners grow from each other's companionship.