Leo Love Compatibility With Leo

When both the partners in a friendship are Leos the result is a very dynamic friendship. Leo is ruled by the Sun which lays emphasis on the Self. The Sun also means energy which is radiated in full measure by Leo. So when two Leos become friends, the energy in the friendship is unmatched. Both enjoy each other's company as both understand the need to compliment and praise the other. Also their interests are common.

However, both like to be the leader and this can cause problems. Also, both are very determined and stubborn about their individual views. This can lead to unnecessary arguments and tension in the friendship. Also, only one partner can be in the lead at a time. Both partners need to work on this area so that they can reach a balance. Otherwise, this friendship can be a very fruitful one where both partners have fun in each other's company and also encourage each other to achieve life's goals.

In the area of love and marriage, when two Leos join hands they can have a wonderful relationship. Both have common traits and desires and hence it is easier for them to fulfill the other partner's needs. Also both are highly energetic and creative by nature so they love each other's companionship.

However, being under the influence of the Sun, both lay emphasis on the Self and have strong leadership qualities. So each partner should take the backseat at times instead of always wanting to be the leader. Also as both are very determined regarding their own opinions and this can cause unnecessary arguments between them, they must make an extra effort to consider each other's views when taking a decision.