Leo Love Compatibility With Gemini

Leo and Gemini can have a great friendship as both signs complement each other. Both signs are extremely energetic and enjoy physical activity and mental stimulation. While Leo likes to be at the centre stage of a project Gemini is content being backstage and the brain behind the project. So there is no tussle between the two of them for glory and power.

Leo is a fixed sign and very firm about its individual viewpoint. On the other hand, Gemini is a mutable and flexible sign that gives room to other's viewpoint. However, Leo must be careful not to control Gemini too much as Gemini enjoys freedom of opinion. Overall, both can have a wonderful and productive friendship where each partner helps the other to reach his goal.

In the area of love and marriage, Leo and Gemini make a wonderful combination and do not clash. Both are energetic and love physically and mentally stimulating activities.

While Leo likes to be the leader and enjoys the glory of being at the helm, Gemini likes to manage backstage. This way there is no clash between the two for the centre stage. Leo is ruled by the Sun which is concerned with the self while Gemini is under the influence of planet Mercury which lays importance to communication. Both these traits help the partners to work together harmoniously as a pair. However, Leo must take care not to assert his viewpoint over Gemini as though the latter is a mutable signs it enjoys its mental freedom. Otherwise with their endless energy both can stimulate the other to achieve life's goal.