Leo Love Compatibility With Cancer

Leo and Cancer share a very good relationship because both are very committed to it. While Leo likes to receive compliments Cancer looks at stability in the friendship. Cancer has the innate ability to nurture a relationship. Once both feel that they need to be in a relationship both are loyal and committed to it. Both enjoy each other's company as they have common interests.

However, both are very determined and do not often pay heed to the other partner's views, patiently. This can result in unnecessary arguments and tension in their relationship. Leo is under the influence of the Sun which gives importance to the Self. On the other hand, Cancer is ruled by the Moon which gives it a natural ability to nurture a bond. Both can have a wonderful and productive friendship if they can understand each other's needs.

In the area of love and marriage, Leo and Cancer make a good pair. Leo being under the Sun's influence needs to feel important in a relationship. In contrast, Cancer under the Moon's influence looks for emotional security and stability from the relationship. While Leo takes the lead Cancer provides support. This makes the relationship rock steady and stable.

However, both signs are very steadfast on their own opinions and if they clash, it can lead to arguments and tension in the relationship. Both need to work on this area and learn to give importance to the other's views. Both signs are very energetic and love each other's company. Once they are sure of each other's love, they are extremely loyal, committed and also possessive which makes their marriage a stable one.