Leo Love Compatibility With Aries

Both Leo and Aries are fire signs and dominating by nature. So when you have a friendship between these two signs, the outcome is a very exciting and lively relationship. Both signs are full of energy and enjoy each other's company. But since both partners want to be the boss and be in charge of the relationship, their friendship might not be a very smooth one. Each partner has his own fixed opinion and likes to have his way. This might lead to a difference in opinions and unnecessary arguments. If they can control this dominating streak in their nature, they can have a healthy relationship. This can make their friendship very exciting and productive. Since both are aggressive, they can motivate and encourage each other to achieve their individual goals.

In the case of love and marriage too, Aries and Leo need to control their dominating nature as this is sure to cause unnecessary arguments and tension in the relationship. Otherwise, since both are go getters, they can help each other to achieve their dreams and goals.

Also, both being fire signs, their love life is full of passion and intensity. The only thing both of them would need to remember is to be patient and respect the other partner's views and opinions so that neither is too assertive.

Aries, being the practical kind, does not tend to worry unnecessarily over a problem. Leo, on the other hand, might brood over some unsympathetic comment or gesture of Aries. To make their life together successful, Aries needs to make an extra effort to praise and acknowledge the Leo's role and achievements while Leo must try to avoid feeling upset if Aries does not do so.