Leo Love Compatibility With Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius are both powerful signs and their combination results in a dynamic friendship. Leo is full of energy and likes action. Aquarius, on the other hand, is full of vision and new ideas. Often Aquarius has more ideas than it can put to practice. Leo helps to turn Aquarius to turn ideas into reality by motivating and encouraging him/her. There is mutual admiration in this friendship. Leo adores Aquarius's creativity and novel ideas. At the same time, Aquarius admires Leo's energy and charming appeal.

However, both signs are very single-minded when it comes to their own views. Also since both are strong natured there may be heated arguments between them. But this can be taken care of as long as both express their need for the friendship. These two friends produce great results when they work on any project together.

In the area of love and marriage Leo and Aquarius make a wonderful couple. Both admire and respect each other. Leo appreciates the creativity and novelty of Aquarius. Similarly, Aquarius admires Leo for its endless energy and charming appeal. Both the partners benefit from this togetherness. Under Leo's influence, Aquarius feels motivated to put its ideas into action. Both love novelty in life and have a lot of enthusiasm to try out new things. Aquarius is a good match for Leo as it can keep up with the lion's high spiritedness.

However, both are very strong natured and tend to stubbornly hold on to their own viewpoints. It is essential for both to value the other partner's opinions as otherwise there will be unnecessary tension. Also both need to express from time to time the importance of the relation in their lives. This love alliance yields great ideas and successful exploits.