Gemini Love Compatibility With Virgo

There is always a great rapport between Gemini and Virgo at an intellectual level. They often get involve in interesting conversations. Virgo is more focused than Gemini and careful and cautious too. Gemini experiment with things and enjoy doing odd things just to experience them. Both do not get involved into emotional outbursts and have a realistic attitude towards life. However, both will not be able to express their feelings easily leading to misunderstandings between them at times. Gemini benefit from the stable nature of Virgo while Gemini can teach Virgo passion. Gemini should learn to ward off the criticisms of Virgo in order to make the relationship successful. Virgo may complain about Gemini once the passion is over. It is little difficult to sustain the relationship in the long term as Gemini may look for fun outside the relationship.

If there is love at first sight between Gemini and Virgo, the relationship may start comfortably. But they might find it very difficult to become soul mates. A long-term relationship between Gemini and Virgo will be very difficult. The constant advice and criticism from a Virgo woman may irritate a Gemini man. However, there will be good understanding between both of them. A Virgo man and a Gemini woman share thoughts and feelings. However, they will find compatibility issues in terms of personal traits. To make this relationship successful, the persons should be very honest and respect the opinions of each other. To make this relationship work neutralization of Virgo's critical nature and Gemini's tactfulness is essential.