Gemini Love Compatibility With Taurus

The traits of Gemini and Taurus are opposite to each other. While Taurus are stable and move ahead in life at a measured pace, Gemini are restless and cannot sit or stand in a place for a long time. When these two people are in a relationship, there will be lot of problems. Taurus, however, will be attracted towards the intelligent and witty nature of Gemini. The strong Taurus will not feel comfortable with Gemini's lack of commitment in a relationship. Taurus prefers taking a stand while Gemini will always consult others. This match will be good only if a Taurean listens to a Gemini. Overall, it will be difficult for a Gemini to maintain a long-term relationship with a Taurean.

Gemini Woman And Taurus Man

A Gemini woman will be easily attracted towards a Taurus man. Love at first sight works with them. The outgoing personality, self-confidence and high energy levels of Gemini are the most important attributes that attract a Taurus man. Once the relationship goes for some time, Taurus man will like Gemini woman to be less vibrant.

Gemini Man And Taurus Woman

It is not a match made in heaven. A Taurus woman will not like the impatience, hyperactivity and restlessness of Gemini, as she needs stability and accuracy. However, a Taurus woman will be completely possessive about Gemini man since he can be very flirtatious. It will be very difficult for a Gemini man to have a romantic liaison with a Taurus woman. It is possible that the couple will go their own ways after the first date, unless they make a number of adjustments.