Gemini Love Compatibility With Sagittarius

Both Gemini and Sagittarius share certain personal traits. Both are restless and find it difficult sticking to one person or a place for long. Their life is a long roller coaster ride. They enjoy a pleasant relation since both of them love changes, surprises and frequent moves. However, Sagittarians tend to be philosophical while Geminis take life as it comes. Sagittarians involve themselves in various causes. Gemini persons will not find time or energy for causes. Gemini persons, however, like the weird pursuits of Sagittarians. They will not find much difficulties in their relationship since both are flexible and adaptable. They respect each other and do not try to force their opinions on each other. In sex too, both of them do not limit their freedom. It is possible for Gemini and Sagittarius to have a great relationship with some adjustments.

Gemini and Sagittarius tend to get attracted towards each other easily due to their outgoing nature and quest for independence. However, a Sagittarius woman will find it little insecure to be with a Gemini man because of his intellectual approach. Both can become sarcastic at times in a difficult scenario. A Gemini woman and a Sagittarius man will be very comfortable with conversations. However, a Gemini woman can be extremely flirtatious and a Sagittarius man will not be comfortable with it. They will be in different plane in terms of emotions. Since both are not very demonstrative, they may end up having problems. However, both can complement each other in many ways. A happy marriage is possible between Gemini and Sagittarius with little effort.