Gemini Love Compatibility With Pisces

Both Gemini and Pisces are flexible, adaptable and open to new opinions and ideas. They neither stick to their own opinion nor force their opinion on other. Both of them have a different outlook towards life. They both share the trait of inconsistency. However, Pisceans live in a dreamy Utopian world whereas Geminis are quite pragmatic and rational in their approach to life. They may not enter into meaningful conversations, as the Pisceans will not be able to articulate their feelings correctly. A Gemini can become more sensitive with this relationship. The sexual relationship between them will not be great, since they will not put their extraordinary fantasies into action. Since Pisces are extremely emotional, there will be distrust and suspicion. The liaison between them will be risky and a marriage between the two can be quite unhappy. This relationship can break unless they make conscious efforts to nurture the relationship.

A match between a Gemini man and a Pisces woman will show some incompatibility due to the basic differences in their characteristics. A Gemini man will lose interest in a thing that he loved sometime back. This will hurt the Pisces woman who always requires care and protection. Her need for constant companionship and love may put him off. A Pisces man can attract a Gemini woman initially with his passionate nature and looks. However, they will face lot of problems as time goes by. The Gemini woman will be able to express her feelings very easily, while the Piscean man will find this difficult. The sharp tongue of the Gemini woman may hurt the Pisces man.