Gemini Love Compatibility With Gemini

A Gemini with Gemini is a great relationship with high energy levels and never ending fun. Both are humorous, witty and adventurous. They feel impatient and always want change. Both like to spend a lot of time together and often indulge in intelligent conversations. In the long term, however, they may find their relationship monotonous. They may not stick to a particular thing whether it is professional or personal. This state may permeate into their relationship when there are serious differences. Since Gemini normally think from their mind rather than their heart, it will lead to compatibility related issues in the long-term. Gemini-Gemini relations normally end in chaos and frustration.

If you want to have a serious relationship with a Gemini, you should be very cautious, since it will be very difficult to form a meaningful emotional bond due to playful adventures. Persons sharing Gemini zodiac may find it very difficult to get emotional satisfaction. They will find it very difficult to be settled. Although both of them will share good chemistry in terms of love, both are prone to jealousy and flirting that might lead to compatibility related issues in the long term. If you are a Gemini entering into a relationship with a Gemini person, the wise thing you should do is learn little, listen seriously to the other person, and respect him or her. Both of you should learn to make commitments and stand by them. Gemini-Gemini relationships rarely end up in a long-term relationship, but once it is done, they make a good couple.