Gemini Love Compatibility With Cancer

Gemini and Cancer person do not share much in common. People under the Cancer sign are emotional in comparison to Geminis. Geminis are more superficial. These traits will hurt the sentimental Cancer persons. However, some of the differences can complement each other. Like, Cancer can take care of Gemini and Gemini will bring light heartedness into the life of the emotional Cancer. Both have different ways of solving problems. Gemini believes in words while Cancer believes in action. However, the wit and humor of Gemini attracts Cancer, which can provide depth and stability into the relationship. Due to the flirtations of Gemini, Cancer can become insecure and jealous. While Gemini is very open, Cancer needs approval. They will have constant problems due to temperamental differences. This may make their marriage unhappy.

A Gemini man can easily attract a Cancer woman with his energy, enthusiasm and cheerfulness. A Cancer woman can attract a Gemini man with her sensitive manners and plain charm. They will, however, face problems in their relationship with time. The rationality of a Gemini man will hardly gel with the sentimental nature of a Cancer woman. The lack of commitment from the Gemini man will make her insecure and she might try to avoid him. The flirtatious Gemini woman may be attracted by the passionate nature of the Cancer man. The troubles with start brewing since a Gemini woman will not be intend to have a long-term relationship. With a Gemini woman a Cancer man can become suspicious and jealousy. They need to make a lot of adjustments in order to make this relationship work.