Gemini Love Compatibility With Aries

Both Gemini and Aries are active, tireless and inclined towards exploring new knowledge. Both are full of vigor, optimistic and vivid. If they share a relationship, there will not be much communication gap within the pair and both would enjoy the moments together. The bonding of these will lead to creative thinking, since the minds are bright. Although Aries can be dominant, Gemini will not bother about it. If Aries start bullying, Gemini will try to control the situation. These two signs have many things in common and so they will not find much difficulty in terms of compatibility. They will always try to find new things in life and both will enjoy life to a great extent. As Gemini people tend to talk about things that have substance, Aries enjoy listening to the conversation. Aries will also be comfortable with the dual personalities of Gemini.

Although Aries have the tendency to dominate, the ingenuity of both the partners would limit it. Their high energy level would lead to the quest for different ways of sexual satisfaction. They will not get bored in bed. They will not have sexual prejudices as well. Aries will hold the leadership position in sex while Gemini enjoys variation. Geminis happen to be capricious and Aries love this quality in them. Marriage between Gemini and Aries will be successful. Theirs is a very promising match. The relationship is expected to last for a lifetime. However, the prospects for short-term relationship between the two signs are also great.