Gemini Love Compatibility With Aquarius

The expectations from life are both the same for Gemini and Aquarius. Both these persons have the same outlook and this fact adds to their relationship. They enjoy humor and wit in their conversation. They share most of the important things in life such as views, social activities and interests. The occasional differences between them do not adversely affect their relationship. The loneliness of Aquarians will not affect Geminis. A Gemini will like the originality of an Aquarius, while an Aquarius will love the independence nature of Gemini. Both look for adventure. Although their relationship may not go smoothly all the time, the relationship will be satisfying and inspiring. Even after a break off, they may remain good friends. The marriage between them will be based on deep affection rather than pure passion. There is a strong compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius.

An Aquarius woman and a Gemini man tend to appreciate each other's qualities. They find new experiences and avenues. Both like changes and variety, and they get along very well. They might not require any other friends and they will be happy and comfortable with their company. An Aquarius man can be the best company to a Gemini woman. He will be able to satisfy her mentally and physically. Both live life spontaneously and are not very good planners. In fact, plans, rules and regulations irritate them. A Gemini woman and an Aquarius man bond beautifully. It is a great relationship.