Capricorn Love Compatibility With Scorpio

Scorpio seek peaceful and quiet life partner, which is the very characteristic of a Capricorn. This trait acts as a catalyst in bringing the two signs together. Capricorn finds Scorpio to be straight and uncomplicated. This union gives rise to successful sexual relationship as well. However, if Scorpio becomes familiar with the strong career orientation of Capricorn, he/she might become jealous and demanding to a great extent. Financial security is a priority for both of them, which is likely to give rise to differences between these two signs. Both of them are not much interested in a long-term committed relationship. The relationship is formidable, but it can be maintained by keeping dignity, trust and respect alive.

Scorpio is an imaginative lover and Capricorn's stamina provides a good match to Scorpio. The people with Scorpio zodiac sign are highly possessive about their love partner, which provides a sense of security to Capricorn. An agreement can be framed, when it comes to financial and home-life matters, but due to a huge difference in their individual personalities, a long term relationship is rarely possible. A nice quiet life will not be achieved in their married life.

Sexually, Scorpio is more active as compared to Capricorn. This might also give Scorpio an impression that Capricorn is not being true in the relationship. Capricorn's involvement in work might give rise to disputes and sexual compatibility is not very likely between the two. This is surely not a great match.