Capricorn Love Compatibility With Pisces

Pisces tries to establish a relation with Capricorn by providing help in making their lives organized and simple. However, somehow, they also try to straighten out their lives through this action. Some Pisces try to cheat over their partner. This is disappointing for a Capricorn, but they still cope up with this trait by taking a lead in the bedroom. Capricorns sees them as a gentle, imaginative people and get attracted towards them. Whenever, Capricorn tries to dominate Pisces, they become rebellious. This is when a Capricorn gets to see their reserved side.

Pisces appears silent initially, but it can last only for a few days. This leave Capricorn totally confused about the basic nature of Pisces. No matter how hard a Capricorn tries, he/she is unable to break the wall between them. Both have one trait in common, the dark depression. Pisces can, somehow manage to overcome this problem, but Capricorn needs reassurance and support to get over it. Their relationship can be highly frustrating, when Capricorn is just about to give up and Pisces show a loving turn around.

Their sexual life is not very satisfying. This is due to the very obvious reason that Capricorn has work in his/her mind all the time and does not find time for intimate relationship to take place. If things are working fine between them, then sex life can be very satisfying and enjoyable. They also get a strong sense of closeness for each other. However, it is not one of those matches made in heaven.