Capricorn Love Compatibility With Libra

Libra is greatly impressed by the organized and focused life style of Capricorn and Capricorn shows a strong sexual interest in Libra. Libra is inspired by Capricorn's aspiration to earn money and save it for the future. Libra might come across as a lazy and lethargic person which might cause some irritation in Capricorn, due to their hardworking and ambitious nature. Libra can entertain guests well, which is appreciated by Capricorn. This ability suits Libra's lifestyle, however, there might be times, when Libra seeks the excitement of the other's life to make his/her own life enjoyable. This might affect the relationship to a great extent.

Capricorn is very particular about saving and planning for the future, which can cause foregoing of small pleasures. A big bank balance and financial stability ensures security for Capricorn. This aspect of Capricorn is however, not very clearly understood by Libra. Libra wants his/her lover to express his emotions and feelings effectively, in order to believe them. Capricorns are not very loud about their feelings, which might leave Libra with the impression that love does not exist between them. Capricorn's hard work and dedication towards work also makes Libra a little insecure in the relationship. Libra might be interested in seeking attention, but Capricorn does not like such an act.

Sexual relationship is determined by the Libra ability to distract Capricorn from his work and career so that an intimate relationship can be established. Personal incompatibility does not allow this relationship to work well. Not a match made in heaven.

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