Capricorn Love Compatibility With Gemini

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Capricorn has a simple, reserved and practical approach towards life, while Gemini is easy-going and amorous. Their sexual nature and interests are wide apart. Capricorns are not very expressive when it comes to feelings and emotions. Gemini enjoys good communication, social interactions and discussions. Being a good talker, it is somewhat difficult for Gemini to listen to Capricorn's problems and issues. But to maintain a good relationship, it is highly essential for Gemini to understand and ease the tensions faced by Capricorn. Gemini can deal with the restlessness and tension going on inside the Capricorn by lending him an ear and providing strength to face the problem.

There might be a personality clash between these two signs as Capricorns is conservative and traditional at heart, while Gemini is a free spirit. If a relationship establishes between the two, then Capricorn will be the dominating one among them. Gemini gets a hold and stability in life through Capricorn's practical and stable nature. Gemini lives for today and Capricorn believe in saving for the future. This relationship can be sustained by discussing these differences before planning a long term commitment.

Sexual relationship can be satisfactory for both, when Gemini is able to divert Capricorn's mind from his career and related problems. If things don't work out well between Capricorn and Gemini, then none of them would stick to their romantic memories for a long time. The initial interest in romance may not last for a long time for both the signs.