Capricorn Love Compatibility With Capricorn

Capricorns gets along well. There is a sense of mutual respect and regard for each other. No doubt two people of the same sign share a lot in common, but if the star charts do not match well, then the relationship cannot work out smoothly even for a short duration of time. Each of them shares the same views and interests about financial matters, career and other aspects of a relationship. Career is the most important part of their lives, and the best way to make their relationship work well is to work together or choose a career that complements the other one. Financial matters never create problem, as both believe in saving money for future. The major issue for dispute in this relationship would be inability to keep things new and lively.

If a female Capricorn is highly career oriented and ambitious, then the relationship might not flourish well. However, if she's willing to give up her career to take charge of household chores, then there won't be many differences between them. The black depression problem is common to both the partners, and each one expects the other to offer consolation, which fails to take place from both sides.

Capricorn seek light hearted and carefree partner for sexual relationship. However, both of them are more concerned about their career rather than paying much attention to their sexual life. In all probability, this is not a match that is made in heaven.