Capricorn Love Compatibility With Aries

Most of the Capricorn characteristics are influenced by this sun sign's ruler planet, Saturn. Security and safety in love is a very essential thing for Capricorn. The compatibility relationship between Capricorn and Aries is of a mixed kind, which means that there are certain times when they show immense affection towards each other, while in other situations they wouldn't have feel the same bonding with each other.

Aries are risk takers and thrill seekers, and to gain their affection, you need to put in a lot of excitement into the relationship. Capricorn is a simple and reserved soul, mainly attracted towards strength and power, while an Aries' personality is full of enthusiasm and excitement. Since Aries enjoy taking risks, it might shock the Capricorn, which can even lead to personality conflicts and quarrels. There might also be certain disputes about friends, career, money and relationships. Both signs have a need to dominate and this might give rise to an argument regarding the important decisions of life.

The relationship generally fails to work out between two equally independent people due to lack of strong affinity and understanding. However, Capricorns can only fail in their love relationships by giving up. Aries believes in living in the present and for the moment while Capricorn looks for long term advantages and risks. Aries are full of passion and have the instinct to try out new things, while Capricorn remains reserved and conservative. If the friction is handled wisely, then the relationship might begin as long-term friendship, and eventually move towards romance. The relationship can work well only when each one understands and accepts the difference in the nature of each other.