Capricorn Love Compatibility With Aquarius

Aquarians are calm and quiet which attracts Capricorns. Initially, the bond between Capricorn and Aquarius can work out quite smoothly as Aquarius try their best to bring them back on track. They take this aspect of Capricorn as challenge, which brings the best out of Aquarius. Gradually, this relationship turns into a major challenge as Aquarius finds all the efforts of bringing Capricorn out of depression going waste. It then turns into a receptive audience rather than sympathizing with Capricorn. Aquarian is a free spirit at heart, whereas Capricorn wants to dominate. Intimate affairs cannot be easily handled in such a relationship. Capricorn understands the problem that affects their lives together, but the possessive and security seeking behavior does not allow him/her to clearly visualize Aquarian's relationship with other people. Capricorn believes that Aquarian must spend most of the time and energy in improving their own lives and relationships. Aquarian keep looking for new challenges in their jobs, but Capricorn wants financial security for a better future. Aquarians are inventive and free spirited. If the Capricorn is too practical in life, then the relations might not turn out to be a long lasting one. Aquarian is extravagant by nature and believes in spending lavishly, which can irritate Capricorn.

Sexual relationship does not work out very smoothly, as Aquarian might be too busy fulfilling other responsibilities, jus when Capricorn needs them to provide reassurance during the black depression phase. The reassurance comes through sexual act and this in turn give rise to a lot of difference between the two. This is certainly not a match made in heaven.