Is Cancer Compatible With Virgo?

Virgo is the sun sign for all born between August 24th and September 23rd. The Zodiac symbol is a 'virgin'. In some cultures it is believed to be 'earth sign'. Virgo people are precise, analytical, critical and reliable. However, both of them are inclined to mood swings. This might adversely affect their relationship. It is a relationship full of ups and downs.

In case of marriage mood swings can even wreck a marriage. The Virgo partner might not understand the Cancer's sudden craving for tenderness and concern. Sometimes the Cancer partner might just feel melancholic or sentimental. The Virgo is very logical and analytical. The Virgo partner might misinterpret it and behave in a very irritable manner. Thus, theirs will be a marriage that needs to be worked on constantly.

In case of love affair, the partners can show enormous amounts of devotion to one another. They are both sensitive to each other's requirements. However, the Virgo partner can misinterpret the sensitive nature of a Cancer as being 'clingy'. But, with a little bit of understanding and care a simple affair can turn into something very meaningful.

A friendship between the two is easier to sustain than a marriage. Although, there will be misunderstandings it is something both friends can work upon. Since they are both sensitive they can have a very meaningful friendship. There might be arguments but it will mainly be about simple petty things. Thus, overall it will be a good friendship.