Is Cancer Compatible With Scorpio?

Scorpio is the sun sign for all born between October 24th and November 22nd. The symbol for this sun sign is a 'scorpion'. The Zodiac element of a Scorpio is 'water'. People who belong to this sun sign are passionate, intense, sensitive, magnetic, profound, critical and determined. Scorpio people are quite unpredictable and mysterious. Hence, a relationship between Scorpio and Cancer can be a heartbreaking one.

However, both these signs get attached to each other very easily. Opposites do attract yet the result may not always be as expected. Although, there may be an apparent similarity between their goals and temperament yet, actually they are very different. If a Scorpio is wounded then it tends to become resentful. A Cancer by nature is sulky. This may lead to a major problem in a marriage.

In case of love affairs, however, this difference in nature can lead to an intense and passionate relationship. Yet a Cancer might sometimes feel that a Scorpio is in a relationship more out of lust than love. This maybe a misconception, since, Scorpios can have meaningful relationships.

In case of friendship, it might become a bit difficult. Extreme difference in nature can be hurtful. There will be more differences in opinion and arguments than you had bargained for. It becomes more difficult when the sulky and resentful nature of a Cancer comes to the surface. Hence, it is a friendship that you should enjoy as long as it lasts!