Is Cancer Compatible With Pisces?

Pisces is the sun sign for all born between February 20th and March 20th. The symbol for this sun sign is a 'fish'. The Zodiac element of a Pisces is 'water'. Pisces people are comp Cancer Love Compatibility With assionate, sensitive, gentle and understanding by nature. However, they are a bit dreamy and hence may seem to be impractical. But, they are very caring as well as dependable. Pisces is the most sensitive of all the other Zodiacs. Thus, they have great relationship with the gentle and caring Cancer.

Theirs is a relationship of tremendous support and understanding. Marriage between Pisces and Cancer usually succeed. Both are very domestic in nature. They share an understanding and intuitive relationship. They are compassionate and can fulfill each other's emotional needs very easily. Moreover, they have a similar outlook towards life. This is an essential quality required to make any marriage successful.

In case of love affairs, it is a very calm and relaxing relationship. They can make each other feel very secure. They can have an affair, which can turn into a successful relationship. Moreover, both crave for commitment and security. Thus, they can fill each other's void.

In case of friendship, it is a very understanding relationship that they have. There, is no dearth of topics that they can talk of. Moreover, they share similar tastes in art and music thereby enjoying common topics of discussion. Thus, it is friendship that is cherished by both friends. They can actually become best of friends!