Is Cancer Compatible With Libra?

Libra is the sun sign for all born between September 23rd and October 23rd. The Zodiac symbol is a 'balance'. In some cultures it is believed to be an 'air sign'. Libra people are diplomatic, cooperative, charming and idealistic. These are characteristics required to have a successful relationship with a Cancer.

A marriage between Libra and Cancer is full of love, emotion and passion. Both are thoughtful, considerate and concerned about each other's needs. They can have a very harmonious married life. Being similar in nature helps them to understand each other better. Small marital tiffs between a Libra and a Cancer usually never spiral into major problems.

Similarly, in case of love affairs, a simple affair between a Cancer and a Libra can eventually turn into something very meaningful. However, a Libra is usually more intellectual and composed than the easily distracted Cancer. The Cancer partner can misinterpret this cool intellectuality as being plain mean. But, if you scratch the surface you will see an emotional and sensitive person emerge. Moreover, diplomatic nature might stand the Cancer partner in good stead in times of crisis. Thus, they make each other good partners.

Friendship between a Cancer and a Libra is also very interesting and can be forever. They can become best of friends because they are similar in tastes and ideas. Both are sensitive towards each other and concerned about one another's well being. There can be some misunderstandings but they rarely become major issues.