Is Cancer Compatible With Leo?

Leo is the sun sign for all born between July 23rd and August 23rd. The Zodiac symbol is 'lion'. In some cultures it is believed to be 'fire sign'. Leo people are passionate, generous and protective. However, they can be very arrogant and stubborn too.

The sensitive nature of Cancer often attracts a Leo. In a marriage the Leo partner will usually be the dominant person. The Cancer partner usually enjoys this sense of security. However, the stubborn and arrogant streak of Leo can injure the sensitive and reclusive nature of a Cancer. Leo people usually have problem with people expressing feelings of sadness and insecurity. They find it difficult to accept these feelings. Thus if the Cancer partner expresses feelings of doubt and insecurity, a Leo has a tendency to take it as a personal attack, thereby causing harm to the marriage. Relationship between Cancer and Leo still has a fair chance of success.

In case of love affairs you must be a little careful. Criticism does not go down well with a Leo. So the Cancer partner must be careful and not criticize the Leo partner. But Cancers do not like spotlight. So stay away from it and let your Leo partner enjoy it. It will help strengthen your relationship.

In case of friendship, they can become reasonably good friends as long as they don't hurt each other.