Cancer Love Compatibility With Gemini

Gemini is the sun sign for all born between May 22nd and June 21st. The Zodiac symbol is 'twin'. In some cultures it is believed to be an 'air sign'. Gemini people are adaptable, communicative, inquisitive and intellectual people. However, they are not the most supportive and understanding kind of people.

In case of marriage between a Cancer and Gemini there are usually a number of issues. The Cancer partner usually takes care of the familial duties like submitting the bills, paying taxes while the Gemini partner is usually indifferent towards such things. This 'laid back' nature of a Gemini often irks the Cancer partner. Most of the misunderstandings arise from the fact that Gemini people are emotionally detached and have a very rational take on matters. This is usually not understood by the sensitive Cancer. However, sometimes the practical nature of Gemini can be the cause of attraction for a Cancer. Moreover, if they can balance out their differences it can lead to a very successful relationship between the two.

However, this opposing nature usually works as a deterrent in case of friendly relations. The complacent attitude of a Gemini can be misinterpreted as being lazy and a tendency to take everything for granted. Although a Gemini's intellect maybe attractive to a Cancer person, yet their rational behavior is often misunderstood by the Cancer friend as being unconcerned. The pair need to work on their relationship.